If you`re a British Gas Lite customer and your contract term has expired, you may be wondering what your options are for out of contract rates. Here`s what you need to know.

Firstly, it`s important to understand what British Gas Lite is. It`s a tariff designed for small businesses with low energy usage, such as shops, cafes, and offices. It offers a competitive rate and no standing charge, which means you only pay for the energy you use.

Once your British Gas Lite contract term has ended, you`ll be automatically put onto out of contract rates. These rates can be more expensive than your previous tariff, so it`s important to take action and switch to a new tariff or supplier in order to avoid paying more.

To find out what your out of contract rates are, you can contact British Gas Lite directly or check your bill. The rates will vary depending on your usage and location, but they can be significantly higher than your previous tariff.

The good news is that switching to a new tariff or supplier is easy and can save you money. You can compare energy tariffs and suppliers online using comparison websites such as uSwitch or Energy Helpline. Simply enter your details and usage information and you`ll be presented with a range of options that could save you money.

It`s important to compare not just the price but also the terms and conditions of the tariffs on offer, as some may have minimum usage requirements or early termination fees.

If you decide to switch supplier, you`ll need to provide your new supplier with your meter readings and any outstanding bills from British Gas Lite. Your new supplier will then arrange the transfer of your energy supply.

In summary, if you`re a British Gas Lite customer whose contract has expired, it`s important to be aware of the potentially more expensive out of contract rates. But don`t panic – switching to a new tariff or supplier is easy and could save you money. Simply compare your options online and make the switch.